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Sound off for Aug. 5

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We have a lot of unnecessary buildings that are empty. Why is that? But you are constantly building other stuff.

Coastal Courier, for the comics section of the back two pages of the newspaper, could you make the print larger? Us people that are very visually impaired, such as I am, have a very difficult time reading it, and some of it have to get out a magnifying glass to be able to read it. Could you please help us?

Why is my tax money being used to advertise SPLOST when I voted against it once already? I just don’t understand. Say no.

I thought a person could not run for any office until they have cleared another or previous office. Why are there signs out saying, “Vote for your new mayor”?

I would like to know why the Bradwell softball coach is charging me for pitching lessons for my daughter when the Liberty County softball coach is working with the girls and helping them pitch for free. Don’t these coaches already get paid for being softball coaches? I don’t understand this.

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