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Sound off for Dec. 1

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The principals aren’t the ones who need a raise. The raises should really go to the teachers, the lunchroom workers, the school nurse, the janitors — that’s who’s doing all the work. Those individuals, minus the teachers, are simply working for minimum wage, basically. And no one can raise a family off of that.

I attended the Teacher of the Year Banquet and was appalled at our superintendent’s behavior. Dr. Lee, please put down your cellphone and listen for a change. Once again, Dr. Lee has proven how much she cares about this system and staff. She didn’t look away from her phone for state Rep. Williams, board chairwoman Baker, and certainly didn’t pay attention for the video presentation introducing the teacher of the year. When is the board of education going to realize Dr. Lee is here for her $190,000, not for the students and staff of Liberty County schools?

Congratulations, Mr. Doyle and Mr. Calderone, for helping defeat SPLOST. Now, 12,000 property owners will support and pay for the capital needs of the county, instead of the 65,000, plus visitors doing that. Great job, guys.

Where are Mr. Doyle and Mr. Calderone during the budget process? They’re never at the meetings. They never attend, and they never participate. They make assumptions about county spending, but they’ve never actually been to any of the county budget meetings, or the city budget meetings. I don’t think they really even understand where the taxpayers’ dollars are going and what they’re used for.

In the story “City proposes 1.4 mill tax increase,” the information was provided that two of the council members changed their mind on cutting their pay by 10 percent and instead decided not to go to some training. Can we please get the two council members’ names in the next paper, so that citizens will know who wanted their money back?

I’m trying to remind people that President Truman used executive action to sign in the integration of the armed forces, because it never would have passed through Congress, and you see that the armed forces are still integrated, and it’s a good thing. And right now, signing the executive order is nothing bad. Congress always has a chance to go ahead and correct it, anytime they want to.

I just want to know when is it appropriate for a teacher to wear their underwear on top of their clothes at a school function and walk around like Captain Underpants? I think that’s very inappropriate and it’s not professional.

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