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Sound off for Dec. 19

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I’m concerned about the metal covering over the gas pumps at the convenience store on Highway 196 that was destroyed in the hurricane. It looks as if another storm or heavy rain comes through it could fall and injure a passing pedestrian or car on that thoroughfare. Will it be repaired?

Wow, all these Sound offs against our new president. Talk about sore losers. Accept it folks. It’s time for the sore losers to join the deplorables and work to unite our country to set right what has happened under Obama’s watch.

Please be aware of people calling to say you are a Publishers Clearinghouse winner of thousands of dollars. We’ve had three calls in the last week. They say to collect the money you’ve got to go to Walmart to purchase a $100 Moneygram and send it to them to process your winnings. Please don’t fall for this scam.

As a ‘60s rocker, I need to know if Eminem is still relevant.

Well, the Bulldog has spoken. We’ve fired a successful coach who won 75 percent of his games and bought in to the lottery. I say if Smart doesn’t deliver the big enchilada in five-six years we’ve got to go back to square one. I hope we don’t have to do that.

Why doesn’t SPLOST use some of those pennies to pick up some of the hurricane debris from people’s yards? That would be a good selling point to get people on the politicians’ side. Why don’t they think of things like that.

I’m at the Christmas parade, and so far so good. The only downfall is there is no crowd control. Everyone is in the middle of the road, there’s no one getting them off, and those of us who have been sitting here for a while can’t see anything. The police need to do their job.

How does Joseph Martin Elementary School have a male dance team, but nobody really knew about it? There was no auditions, no information sent home. How did they get the members? My son would like to join, but we didn’t know about it.

Of course, Martin L. King is a hero of mine and Nelson Mandela is a hero of mine. And I’m an old white guy.

I want to thank the guys that came around here and picked up my hurricane debris. I had one tree down. I also want thank the guys that do the mosquito control. We haven’t had a bad mosquito outbreak in a white.

We diabetics really appreciate Kroger getting a wheat biscuit in. They are the only one in town that has it. We diabetics need whole grain products.

Thursday’s council meeting was awful. Council members need to show respect to the mayor. Two didn’t and they should get on board. It wasn’t professional.

If you must leave something out of Sunday’s paper, make it the cry baby Sound off, but please not the Good Folks of Lennox Valley. That’s the best part of the paper.

Editor’s note: It’s back.

I just noticed the party store has relocated to 196 near the railroad track. I’m so glad they are still in town.

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