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Sound off for Dec. 24

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Why is the Liberty County Litter Control white Crown Victoria in Jericho subdivision in Bryan County? My property-tax dollars should not be paying the gas lien of that car to be at a private residence outside of the county. Not litter control.

I wish a county official would drive up to the railroad crossing on Paight Rogers Road and look to the right and left. You can only see about 20 yards down this railroad track. It’s ridiculous that they can’t get somebody there to trim this railroad crossing.

Why can’t Liberty County get better Christmas decorations or work on the ones they have? Half of the decorations don’t even work, and it’s really bad.

I miss my Friday Coastal Courier. Please bring it back.

Good citizens of Hinesville, this is the best month of the year. Let’s have lots of blessings and prayers for people here and around the world, for we all need this to give peace, joy and hope to others for this year and the next.

I would like to personally thank Becky Sizemore of Ludowici for her hard work and dedication toward the success of the recent dinner at First Baptist Church. You did a beautiful job on the decoration of your five tables. My favorite was the leopard one.

Holmesville people, be careful. I almost got scammed yesterday by someone telling me I’d won $450,000 and they wanted $4,500 to give it to me. Just be careful, OK?

Why didn’t Button Gwinnett do the Santa Shop this year? They always do, and this year they didn’t do it. My kids sure missed it. I hope next year they do the Santa Shop again.

Let’s vote all the representatives out that don’t want term limits in the next election.

What an incomplete, messy job of fixing Isle of Wight road. We have potholes at the beginning of the new pavement and potholes all along that, coming off of Isle of Wight Road there. Who’s going to take care of fixing them? What a mess.

If you want to hear a good sermon, drive out to Gum Branch Baptist Church on 196 and get the love and care of the friendly people there. You will not be disappointed. May God bless you every day.

I would like to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to the Hinesville hospital. They are wonderful people, you get treated so great if you’re a patient there. My husband was there two months, and he couldn’t have had better treatment. I wanted to say God bless and continue working there.

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