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Sound off for Dec. 4
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Instead of “Punt, ’Bama, punt,” it’s now “Kick the field goal,’Bama, kick the field goal.”

Five nominees seeking Georgia’s First District. They’re all Republican. Pick one. The Republican position is not going to change. They’re all Republican. Why five? We only need one.

Thank you, Mr. Murray, with the article in the Courier about being thankful for all those delicious turkey leftovers. I thank you so much for this article and all the articles that you’ve put to us, and especially this one. At thanksgiving time, we must be thankful for all that we have. Thank you, Mr. Murray, again.

It is a shame that coach Graham of the Liberty County Panthers has yet to win any actual state championships. I think it is because he picks which players he wants, yet the players still do not come home with a championship. We have great students who go to that school who are on their team. We have a young man who has actually been there for two years on the team, but has been benched. He is an honor student, but coach Graham decides to play everyone else but him. Frankly, I think it’s probably because he has a problem with the parents. What problems you have with the parents should not be reflected on the student.

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