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Sound off for Dec. 6
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I was reading in the paper here, Nov. 27, that the board of education has obtained a Quality School Board for Georgia. I would like to say to Mrs. Lily Baker, I hope that keeps you from going so many places and spending our tax dollars. Mrs. Lily Baker, you have wasted a lot of our money, and you have been a successful leader for the board of education and also a few of the members. I would like to say to Mrs. Baker, please, this is 2014, you don’t have to be going to California, New York. You can stay right here and learn what you need to learn. Go to Savannah, or go to Atlanta. Stop spending the board of education’s money, causing us to cut back on teachers and parapros. We need parapros in the schools. So to the superintendent, wake up and stop Mrs. Lily Baker from going all of these different places with our tax dollars.

A Sound off article started with positive comments about the soldiers. Then comes the “but”: “I see soldiers in uniform at restaurants, bellied up to the bar drinking alcohol, and get into the vehicles and drive home.” First, if you didn’t pour the drink, odds are you don’t know what the soldiers are drinking. And second, civilians belly up to the bar as well and get into their vehicles and drive. And third, those soldiers bellied up to the bar spent eight-to-18 months alcohol-free in Afghanistan so you can belly up to your table and have a Diet Coke in peace. Leave the soldiers alone. They’re an economic machine for this community — at the bar, hotels, car dealerships, restaurants, Walmart and federal funding for your child to attend school in this county. Focus on the drink you order, and enjoy life.

There’s an angel out there named Connie who I’ve never met, and she paid a goodly sum toward my grocery bill over the weekend. And I just want to say thank you, Connie, God bless and merry Christmas. Thank you very much.

I’m thankful for the Coastal Courier giving out a free Black Friday newspaper. Thank you all very much. It caused me to go and check some sales.

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