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Sound off for Feb. 11
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Well now, what does Mr. Williams think about the separate ceremonies they had at our nation’s capital? Looked like it was racist.

I would like to see Jeff’s Candy Kitchen advertised with location in Hinesville and telephone number. I would like to sometimes order a gift and have it sent from a candy kitchen, and I have to go to Savannah. Thank you.

A city councilman’s daughter’s alleged involvement in a botched robbery, and a county commissioner being alleged to impersonate a police officer both make front-page news. Then a city police officer caught on camera allegedly using a stolen credit card doesn’t make the news. What’s wrong with this picture?

Isn’t it good to know that the mayor of Hinesville is on the list of the Top 12 anti-gun mayors in the state of Georgia? In a military town, you would think he would be pro-gun, and with the crime rate in Hinesville, you would think that he would want his people to be armed to protect themselves.

Mr. Randy Murray, keep the good articles of Around the Table coming in the community news section of the Coastal Courier. Me and my co-workers are really enjoying these articles, and we are trying all of your delicious recipes. We also enjoy the bit of history that you include and your personal experiences. You’re the bomb, Mr. Murray. Keep it coming.

I would like to see Joseph Martin Elementary and Snelson-Golden Middle schools’ honor rolls published. I see a lot of schools’, but never theirs.

Hats off to the whole staff and volunteers that put together the Joseph Martin Elementary art show at the board of education building. It was absolutely beautiful. Way to go, JME!

This is in reference to the article about the Obamas are the richest people in Washington, and they have no idea about being poor: I think you’re wrong about that because the way they got themselves up there, they worked hard. If you work hard and you do your part in stuff, you can make money too. You’re just hating. All you need to do is apply yourself.

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