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Sound off for Feb. 15

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Please, Midway, give us a shopping center at I-95 and 84. You’ve got McDonald’s, now give us a barber shop, beauty shop, grocery store so we can shop there.

Liberty County Board of Education is looking into cutting the computer labs from all of the schools. I think it’s high time we cut some of the people at the board office and put the money back into the hands of the teachers and the schools so the children can get a full school year and all of the tools to be successful.

I read the article about the Balfour Beatty rental properties. My question is, how many state, county and local taxes does this company pay? This is a rip-off to the local renters in Hinesville, for them to be able to rent to just anybody and allow them not to pay local taxes.

If I were a teacher, I would have given the student a zero and thrown the paper in the trash if they didn’t have their name on the paper. They’re lucky they just had points taken off.
Would someone explain what that code is that a person’s not supposed to work for the school administration? Parents are concerned about that. I don’t know what that code means and it hasn’t been followed up.

What kind of fool came up with the law that you can’t shoot a BB gun, pellet gun, slingshot in your own backyard? I mean, come on.
I read about the base housing for civilians who are not even connected with the military. I don’t understand this. Why doesn’t the base require all soldiers to live on base, and bring the occupancy of housing up?

Can anybody tell me the phone number for the boat junk yard on Limerick Road?
I would love to see a young African-American male or female featured on the front page of the newspaper for excelling academically in high school or college. But the Coastal would definitely put them on the front page if they are committing crimes, robberies, or if they are carrying or dribbling a ball. I guess that is why I will no longer be a subscriber of the Coastal Courier.

DDS has a “we care” mission statement. Accountability is not one of them, but it’s in the list. Ethics is also on there, but DDS lacks ethics. They have no integrity, they have no honesty, and they do not take control of their own actions.

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