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Sound off for Feb. 2

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I think someone needs to investigate the city, who can’t seem to balance a budget.

I feel that the ministers in this community should be accessible 24 hours a day. We need the prayer warriors to be back on a team for the sick and the shut-in. There is power in prayer.

Not only has the school superintendent eliminated many of the parapro positions, she has also eliminated all registered nurse positions in the schools. She has seen to it, however, to ensure that her senior-level administrative appointees were well provided for in the budget. Unfortunately, none of these individuals work on a day-to-day basis with our children. Just another example of someone coming in from the outside, spending our money and determining what is best for our children.

Well, the Bradwell boys’ varsity basketball team can’t win any games at the varsity level, so the coach allowed them to play against the junior-varsity teams in the Donell Woods tournament to beat up on some JV teams. That’s a lot of class.

I would like to know why the Parker’s in Flemington keeps losing employees. Is this company so bad that it can’t keep workers around? Just want to know why I keep seeing new faces every time I go there.

I am so sick of hearing people say that this country was founded on God or Christianity. This country was founded on religious freedom, and many of the founding fathers were deists or atheists, not theists. I doubt Mr. Riddle even knows what a deist is, since he obviously knows nothing about the history of our country or his own religion.

Liberty County High School has the best sports program in the county. But when it comes to the write-up in the paper, the losing schools have more than 10 paragraphs while the winners only have three. Something’s wrong with the reporting of the sports in the county.

If Jesus ran for president, what kind of speech would he give? I just wonder if he would be elected as president in this country.
I am a blogger on the Coastal Courier, and I would like to have JimmyMack back, because he does have some good qualities. Please reconsider.

Why won’t the board of education step in and save the school system? Why are teachers being intimidated by administration and why are teachers being cut when they don’t need to be?

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