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Sound off for Feb. 23

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I have one question for Mr. Riddle: why do you care so much what anybody else does or doesn’t do on Dec. 25? If you want to celebrate the birth of Jesus, go right ahead. If somebody else doesn’t, so be it. If it doesn’t affect you, don’t worry about it.

It was in the news that a retired, 87-year-old optometrist killed a person in an auto accident and that he was drinking. They emphasized the fact that he was drinking, but shouldn’t it also be emphasized to not drink and drive?

I like reading the blogs, but I think you should bring back JimmyMack, because without him they all read the same way.

I don’t know why everybody’s dissing our superintendent, Dr. Lee. I think she’s really doing a great job. She’s putting teachers and staff where they need to be. If you’re not cutting it, she’s letting them go. I think she’s doing a good job.

I see where the board of education wants to cut. The first thing they need to cut is the superintendent’s pay.

The school forum was a waste of time. How about answering the real questions? If nothing is set in stone, why are personnel being told they won’t have a job come June? This includes high school APs, computer teachers and all teachers at pre-K. Dr. Lee refuses to make any cuts at the board office because she says they earned those positions. They may earn those positions, but tell us how much is paid locally for those positions beyond what the state provides.

I know the board of education does not know how our superintendent treats people. If they did, it would not be allowed for professional bullying. People are afraid to speak up for fear of being terminated. She has told us that we cannot call board members. She also said in front of an entire group that she could not live on $170,000 a year, that she needed a raise. She said this while others are about to lose their jobs. Someone needs to tell the board the real truth.

I ate scrambled eggs at Liberty Regional and they were the best scrambled eggs I’ve ever had.

Why can’t Walthour-ville print their city-council meetings like Hinesville and Riceboro? Because everyone doesn’t get to attend the meetings.

We are pleading for the Liberty County Schools Superintendent to come visit the school nutrition staff at each school. We need you to listen to our concerns with our nutrition program leadership.

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