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Sound Off for Feb. 25

These opinions are not the Courier’s. Callers are not required to identify themselves, so we can neither verify sources nor their motives. Call 876-3733 to leave a message.

The Liberty County school nutrition employees feel like our program is in a downward spiral. We need someone other than the school nutrition director to hear our concerns.

Is the Liberty County Board of Education purchasing Korean-made Kia vehicles? If so, why? I thought it was the normal policy that agencies such as them would use American-made vehicles.

It’s amazing how the Osteens have altered the landscape of Hinesville, with all these houses where trees and old homes used to be, and now the Zaxby’s creating traffic jams, all for the sake of the almighty dollar. Shame on them.

My son went to Liberty Regional and sat there for hours before being seen by a doctor.

Christians, we need to boycott Walmarts and other stores that don’t allow their greeters to say “have a blessed day.”

Why can’t the middle-school teachers at Lewis Frasier Middle School put their homework on their webpage? That way, when the kids come home saying they don’t have homework, we can go online and look. That’s why we have webpages.

I live at the Villages at Limerick in Midway and we pay homeowners fees every month. I want to know why they built this small playground with all these houses out here. Come on guys, you’ve got to do better. Build our kids a bigger playground area.

This country was founded upon what our history books tell us as the three G’s: God, gold and glory. Those three words define how this country was founded.

I noticed that our mayor pro tem is wanting to run for mayor. I think that would be the dumbest thing the citizens of Hinesville could do, would be to elect him as mayor. If you read the article, all he wanted to do is continue to raise our taxes. He is a tax-and-spend person. He needs to be voted out.

Really, board members? You couldn’t wait until the end of the year to take a pre-K teacher away from her kids? They loved her. So stupid. Did you even think it out?

You can’t even see the lines on the highways anymore. Where is all the money going? We don’t do anything about the potholes, we don’t do anything about trying to fix up the city. Nobody does nothing anymore, but these same people want to be re-elected. What happened to doing for the city?

The DOT needs to look into turning left into Tractor Supply off of 84. There’s going to be a serious accident there one day because there is no left-turn there.

I’m a crossing guard at Midway, and I want to ask people to please, please follow the speed limits in the school zones. You could hit a crossing guard or a school bus, and it could be your child on the bus. Please, think before you speed.

The voters and parents of Liberty County need to know what’s going on in the Board of Education. The superintendent is cutting so many jobs, and also telling employees to not go on Facebook and tell that and not to call their board members because there’s nothing they can do about it. Board members, it’s time to stand up for your people, and not for your superintendent you just brought in.

Wake up, Liberty County. Can we all not see that the school board’s budget is being mismanaged?

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