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Sound off for Feb. 28
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Just because it’s winter and the grass is dormant, that doesn’t mean people should ignore their yards altogether. I’m tired of my neighbor letting his tree branches go over my fence, and his shrubs are all grown up and raggedy looking. Take some pride in your property, sir.

After reading Mr. Wetmore’s letter to the editor in Sunday’s paper, telling us to go to medical classes and treat ourselves, I’ve come to two conclusions. No. 1, he makes about as much sense as Obamacare. No. 2, he’s a nut. I know that because, as he stated, he fell and injured his head. I heard the doctors up on the third floor at Winn Army Community Hospital found a peanut in his head. Mr. Wetmore, get a life, you loony.
I think we’re wasting Dr. Wetmore’s talent here in Hinesville. We need to send him to Washington and help those knuckleheads come up with some kind of health care other than Obamacare.
I’m calling to let people know out there that as the police department said, watch out for the scammers. I had a phone call yesterday, a scammer called Commercial Health, trying to extort money saying that we are collecting a bill from 2002. That’s 12 years ago. We don’t have collecting bills, so I just want to warn the citizens, especially elderly, which I am, to be alert on the scammers that’s calling and asking, and they get to talking, wants to find out what you know so they can get your information.

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