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Sound off for Feb. 5
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As a taxpayer in Liberty County and Hinesville, it seems obvious that if you want to be able to go on a beautiful vacation every summer, just become a member of the city council or even the mayor. And then you can go around and visit all these supposed sister cities all around the world that can’t do anything for us except spend the taxpayers’ money. This never happened until this administration was elected into office.
To the resident who is always moving the neighbors’ trash receptacles to the middle of the driveway to have them picked up: I don’t need to be reminded. I am 75 years old, live alone and almost always have mine put up before 5 p.m. on trash day. One week recently, I was ill and didn’t make it. I was hurting so bad I could hardly drive myself to the doctor, but I had to move that trash can before I could leave.

We don’t have a president anymore, we have a dictator. He’s bypassing Congress to get his agenda. If the Supreme Court don’t stop him, we’re all doomed as a country of laws.

This is to the idiots who hit 30 or 40 golf balls and left them in our hay pasture. Any one of these golf balls could be redirected into a hay mower and then into the operator’s head, killing him on contact. Stop being stupid.

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