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Sound off for Feb.21
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Four years ago, I was blessed with a feral cat. He would arrive nightly at my job, leaving in the morning. We became friends and I named him Pumpkin. He lived a hard and homeless life, yet he found food, warm milk, comfort and friends here. Pumpkin got sick and was picked up by a rescue group and taken to an animal hospital. Unfortunately, he was too far gone and was gently put to sleep. His rescuers stayed with him until the end. Pumpkin was loved and cared for by many. To all those who loved and helped him, thank you and God bless.


With the recent spate of fires, it’s because people here sometimes don’t have enough money to heat their homes properly. If assistance was available, people could be warm and safe, and lives would be saved.

There is a vehicle, commercial, parked in Tremain Estates in front of the properties and the homes, which is bringing down the home value. It has no business. We have an ordinance out here at Tremain Estates. Someone needs to look at this, because it’s making an eyesore in the neighborhood.

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