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Sound off for Jan. 21
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We have thousands of new people coming to Hinesville because of the military post here. Why isn’t there a sign on 17 directing you to that turn to get on 196 East? And what’s so sad is when you get to the end of 196 East, what is there? A bar. Why hasn’t someone discovered to put something great like a great restaurant or something there, welcoming people and their families to our city? This is really, really sad. You build these ugly, ugly buildings and rundown stores all over and wonder why people are disappointed. Why can’t we have people in charge of progress and really great ideas?

The recent thing about the poly carts: This guy goes walking, if he touches my poly cart, he’s in for some trouble. So please print this in your next paper so he can read it. Thank you.

I thought Georgia law said that when it’s raining, we had to have our headlights on. But this morning when it was raining, I drove downtown and on base and so many people didn’t have their headlights on. So who’s right, who’s wrong? If they’re wrong and I’m right, should somebody explain the law that hey, when it’s raining you gotta have the headlights on?

Long County Commission, if you’ll check the law, I don’t think you have to waive taxes for 100 percent disabled veterans. Just checking.

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