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Sound off for Jan. 28

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Liberty Regional, it’s time to get a new menu. I eat there all the time, and the food is awful. You need new cooks. And please decorate the dining room so it can look pretty.

In response to Mike Riddle’s commentary: Stop telling me how to observe Dec. 25. The Christians co-opted that date for their own purposes as an attempt to erase long-standing pagan traditions. Know your history before you tell me to keep the Christ in Christmas.

If the board of education office in Liberty County needs to cut the budget, they need to start at the board office, instead of the teachers and parapros who make less than they do.

Does anybody besides me walk to their mailbox every Friday morning still looking for their Courier? After 20 years, old habits are hard to break.

I am so sick and tired of every time you pick up the paper, the city and county officials are renaming our streets and roads. Nobody’s thinking about the history the roads were named after the first time? It seems like officials have other things to do besides renaming streets.

I am so dissatisfied with the Courier because they don’t have a society page for people who can’t afford what you charge for engagements, anniversaries and good things like in society. Please start doing better and put a society page. I’m just disgusted with your paper now and I just quit.

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