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Sound off for Jan. 31
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Today, there’s so much new technology. At city hall, why can’t we put in giant monitors and large-screen TVs so that all the leaders in Hinesville and Liberty County can sit in on these conferences and you don’t have to pay money to go to them? This would help everybody learn and we would save so much money.

I think enough has been said about the poly carts. What needs to be addressed is the condition of streets. They’re horrible. We spend millions on Taj Mahal buildings that we don’t need. Streets are awful. How long has it been since the lines were painted?

Concerning Ms. Hollie Moore Barnidge’s column rant Sunday about who should and should not be allowed to procreate, it’s too bad her should-not category did not include elitists. Then she could have exed herself out of the gene pool.

Guys, pull your pants up. It’s so unbecoming. I hope you have to run and you fall on your face. I’d love to laugh to death.

In reference to the Sound off about headlights on when it’s raining in Georgia, just a reminder: Most new cars have what they call running lights that come on automatically. But when running lights are on, that doesn’t mean your taillights are on. When it rains, please turn on your headlights and taillights, not just your running lights.

Regarding this incident in Long County with the police chief, that sure is a black eye on the fastest-growing county in Georgia. It is a shame that we live in the 21st century, but we’ve got a county that’s still in the dark ages.

My wife and I went to the Fort Stewart officers club last Valentine’s Day, and we wouldn’t miss this coming Valentine’s Day there for the world. It was an extremely good price, good atmosphere. We had a wonderful time. The food was excellent, I have to say.

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