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Sound off for Jan. 5

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Why hasn’t Georgia cut down their gas prices? South Carolina is $2.05, Tennessee is $1.95. What is going on?

Why is it all the kids who played sports in high school this year got school jackets except the girls’ softball team?

Open parent portal back up to the parents. What do you have to hide? We have the right to see how our children are doing in school. We have a right to see their grades.

Oh how I wish that Hinesville would let Cracker Barrel come in. I’m so sorry Golden Corral didn’t make it. Please bring Cracker Barrel to Hinesville.

The best thing that could happen here to Hinesville is for the troops at Fort Stewart were reduced to the early 1970s level. That would be the best thing for Hinesville.

I’ve been subscribing to the Coastal Courier for over 20 years, and the recent column by the editor was the best article I’ve ever read. Discipline does start at home. Thank you, Mrs. Editor.

You should free JimmyMack. Give him a chance to state his views.

I went into a gas station in Flemington and the manager was just yelling at and degrading her cashiers. Who do I talk to?

I’m sitting here thinking about how blessed I am. I just realized that the property taxes I will pay this year in Liberty County are more than I paid for my first home. Wow, aren’t I just so blessed?

I am sick and tired of digital coupons at Dollar General or digital coupons anywhere. Some of us don’t have computers and can’t use them, and I don’t think it’s fair to all of us.

I want to know why gas is 30 cents cheaper in Pooler than here in Hinesville and the Liberty County area. There’s no excuse for it.

Regarding the driver that hit the old jail: He should have listened to his wife and turned around and went back to Walmart.

Where’s the guardian angels when all these policemen are getting killed?

Thank you angels, you helped me out on the highway over the weekend. You and I know who you are, and I thank you and God blesses you, too.

I just moved down from Atlanta, and I was just wondering why you look around all these dollar stores, grocery stores and stuff, businesses let shoplifting go on and on, and they don’t do anything about it. Parents watch them and don’t do anything. I don’t understand the shoplifting.

I noticed in Sunday’s paper that the county and city council are raising our property taxes. I have a novel idea for the city and county: maybe they should start enforcing the cellphone and texting-while-driving law, and we’d probably be out of debt and probably have a surplus.

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