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Sound off for Jan. 6
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I commend the businesses that were closed on the holidays — Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Day. Some of them even let workers off on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. That is how it should be. Employees of all professions deserve time with their families.

This is to the gay Christian: God did not create Adam and Steve. Remember Adam and Eve? I don’t know what kind of church you attend, but there are no Christian churches that discuss this type of thing. You need to get your life straight.

The enemy has this person completely confused about being gay and Christian. If your heart is not right and you haven’t repented, going to church is in vain. Please stop lying on the Bible and on God. Read Romans, second chapter.

What good does it do to have hand-sanitizer wipes at the grocery store to wipe down your cart handle if the box of wipes is always empty?

I wonder why the command element at Fort Stewart doesn’t crack down on single soldiers living off post when we have quarters available and empty both for single soldiers and married people on post. That’s a lot of money going to waste.

Just because you’re not texting while driving doesn’t mean it’s OK to use your phone for other things while you’re on the road. Yeah, only texting is illegal, but it’s also a bad idea to do Facebook or surf the web while behind the wheel.

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