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Sound off for Jan. 6
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So, you’re thinking about putting your bright lights on and really blinding people? Don’t you think it would better to have your low beams adjusted? That would be safer and stop the others from flashing at you.

Imagine my joy and happiness on Christmas Eve when I received my tax bill. I’d like to thank everyone at the tax commissioner’s office, the tax assessors, the board of education, the county commissioners and the city council. I hope they all had a merry Christmas, knowing they ruined everyone’s Christmas with these outrageous taxes.

You have the movie listings in this Sunday’s paper so small you can’t even find them in the paper, let alone read them with a magnifying glass.

To the fool complaining about people flashing because they think you have your bright headlights on, adjust your headlights. I’ll keep flashing until you do.
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