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Sound off for Jan. 8
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I think the trash bins behind the hospital look a lot worse than the poly carts on the side of the street.

I saw the picture of the Midway City Council in Friday’s paper, and it looks like they’re all lined up for a firing squad rather than being happy that they were just elected to run the city. Where are the smiles?

Regarding the trash containers being on the street — I think they need to go around, if they want to make Hinesville look beautiful, and make these people cut their grass and clean their yards. That would have more of an impact on Hinesville than worrying about picking up poly carts at certain times in front of your house.

I want to thank the angel who came to my aid in the Family Dollar on Dec. 26. What a lovely woman she was, and I will not forget that act of kindness. She knows who she is, and God knows who she is. I am thankful for what she did, and I’m thinking about her.

For those of you who are wondering why people are leaving Hinesville, just look around, check out the buildings, check out the rude people and see the ridiculous taxes, and then you won’t wonder anymore.

Seriously speaking, don’t the police have better things to do than enforce the poly-cart ordinance?

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