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Sound off for July 1
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Thank you, Patty Leon, for the article “Four cold cases haunt HPD.” Surely we don’t want cold-blooded murderers living in our area. There was information leading to the arrest and conviction in the Steven Jones case, it’s now $4,000.

Ouch! Please do not tell me the school board is worried about financing repairs and renovations to our schools. They should have taken care of the schools before building the new University of Georgia football stadium on Gen. Stewart Way. I can hardly wait until the school board election.

Could Hinesville or Liberty County please consider picking up recyclables at our residences like other communities do? The few recycle bins we have are often yucky and creepy. We enjoyed the article about the high school kids and their recycling project; recycling is important.

I really like the news about the girls hit target at the daughter range day. Also, Mr. and Mrs. O’Neal should be very proud of their children — they look so sportsman like on the page with the sports news. Thank you for entering this picture.

If you’re on the WIC or food stamp programs, what kind of parent are you? You depend on somebody else to feed your kids. How can you call yourself a responsible adult?

Dec. 21, 2012. The Bible tells us about the angel who’s going to mark the heads of those that disobey God with a special mark. It’s a time to pray; it’s not a time to fight. We’ve got six more months, maybe, on this Earth. You better get right with God so you can know where you will spend eternity.

$101,212 for engineering fees and consulting fees in Bryant Commons, when all the city should do is hire a young engineer and keep these services in-house yearlong.

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