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Sound off for July 13

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It’s probably 10 years since Carolyn Brown was convicted, and still she refuses to pay the Liberty County taxpayers the money she owes them.

Restoring relationships with Cuba — is that a car lover’s dream? If I had money, I’d go down there, buy a bunch of those old cars, bring them back up here to the States and sell them and make a lot of money. What say you?

I am sure that most of the Americans are disgusted with having our White House — our White House that we own, the Americans — in rainbow colors, kind of, in honor of this gay thing that just went through. I think it’s a shame. Americans, stand up and tell them we’re not going to put up with it anymore. I’m sick and tired of that one person taking charge of everything and sticking it on us and making us try to like it.

Why won’t the city put a light at the side exit to Wal-Mart by the Garden Center onto Veterans Parkway?  It is very dangerous trying to get out there, and it would make things a lot safer.

The phone number for the Hinesville VA Outpatient Clinic is 912-408-2900; operating hours are Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Some people think that they are greater than God, that they made heaven and Earth, and that they took those 39 strikes on their back for our benefit to keep us from out of torment and hell, and you have to go through things sometimes to make yourself be obedient to God’s will because there’s no man that’s greater than him, no matter color they in, no matter what church they in. He is the first, the last, the beginning, the end, the future, the eternal God. And he has the keys to the pits of hell. Where will you spend eternity?

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