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Sound off for July 18
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I was wondering if the new Family Dollar in Ludowici is hiring any local employees. Does anyone know?

Breed-specific legislation is poor excuse for animal control laws that are not enforced. Enforce the leash law, and you won’t have anybody getting bitten by dogs.

Beware of Y-O-G-A, yoga. It might go back to the 1500s, but it’s under a religion, and it might go to the Buddhist religion, it might go to another god. But beware of it, because the Catholic says that demons sometimes come in this meditation, and you don’t want to ask a demon in your life.

I was just riding on Rye Patch Road and met a four-wheeler with three kids and no helmets. I think we can forget about them doing anything about it right now, you know, it’s election time. They want all the votes they can get.

It’s bad enough our city officials are still taking those vacations on our dime to Jekyll Island, but here we see Edwards right on the front page flaunting it. This has to stop. It’s our tax money at work for them.

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