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Sound Off for July 18

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I work at a local attorney’s office at the courthouse square, and I witnessed someone getting high in the parking lot of the drug court program. I can’t believe this is allowed because this person is still in the drug-court program and has not been kicked out, when others have to work hard at meeting all of the criteria.

Of course I’m still blaming Bush after all of these years. After all, he’s the one who started this mess. Who else do you think I’m going to vote for? Palin? Come on, be serious. You have to vote for a Democrat. Somebody has to try to save someone. Good lord, man, you have to wake up.

When will the Liberty County Board of Education update the dress-code policy on their webpage? It still has last year’s dress-code policy on there, and we parents need to know if there are any changes in any of the schools or any of the grade levels so we can start preparing our children for school. School starts in three weeks, and we still do not know the new dress-code policy for upcoming school year for 2014-15.

Citizens of Midway, hold on to your wallets. The city is considering a huge increase of water rates. You might want to let the mayor and city council know what you think.

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