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Sound off for July 2

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You cannot out-grip God because your hands are too short. What the enemy meant for harm, God will turn it around for good.

To all parents with high-school students: all report cards need to be signed by parents. In high school, though, the students sign their report cards themselves so the parents won’t see them. You parents need to get involved in your children’s education.

As far as that sergeant that was POW for five years, the answer is in the Bible, where it says judge not lest you be judged.

I think sexual offenders should have their prostates removed so they’ll never be able to commit a sexual offense again.

If Hillary Clinton is not rich, then she doesn’t know how to handle money, and therefore she doesn’t need to be president because she’ll be handling our money.

It was the secretary of defense in 1991 that pulled the troops out of Desert Storm. Those soldiers were the fastest-moving brigade across the desert. They did a wonderful job. We were in charge, and there were very few casualties. But then we were pulled out, brought back home, and then a few years later we were sent back to do the job. There would have never been so much bloodshed if we would have stayed to finish the job.

The only gates I’ve ever seen were put up after 9/11. We know that the civilians that come on post spend their money at bowling and the movies, and it brings money in that helps the soldiers and their activities. We were always told that we need to help the soldiers, and that’s what we’ve always done because we’re military families. I don’t know why people don’t want civilians on post.

Hinesville is not a community, nor a city. It’s a collection of clubs, black and white, that all want to do their own thing for the greater good of that club.

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