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Sound off for July 23

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To the person who found my ID, driver’s license and other personal property and did not turn them into the store where I lost them, pertinent government security offices and other companies were quickly notified of said loss. You will be caught one day. Stealing government property, i.e., ID cards and other government property, is a federal offense. Also, fraud and identity theft are also very serious offenses. So think twice before doing something stupid.

Because of the crumbs that fall from the table, God will show up on time.

I just got my phone bill, and I would like to know why the city of Hinesville is charging me a fee for having a phone, and Liberty County charges me a sale tax plus the 911. Georgia charges me a sales tax, and also Liberty charges access funds, and the government charges us access funds. Would someone please explain, in this newspaper, why we have all of these taxes and why Hinesville has the right to charge us a fee — or a tax, as far as I’m concerned? A universal service fund is also charged. What is going on? Why are all of these taxes on our phone?

My husband was talking to the preacher about how bad things are getting, such as burning churches. My husband said to the preacher to tell everybody to get a gun and then start singing “Praise the Lord.”

Can we get the police officers in Hinesville, to include the Georgia State Patrol and all of the other police departments, to use their turn signals?

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