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Sound off for July 27
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Let me get this straight: You want the taxpayers to contribute one more cent for a dollar that they spend at the places where they spend money to extend the bus system that no one rides at $8.5 million? This must be new math; this just doesn’t work for me.

This is to the lady who is sleeping with her coworker: Word of advice, what goes around comes around. Be mindful. And to the man who has a wonderful wife at home, you need to focus on what you have at home, because messing with your coworker will only get you fired from your job. And if you don’t watch yourself, you’ll lose everything that you have.

I believe that if T-SPLOST gets voted in, then the SPLOST vote should be voted out, and the money that was put aside to build all the fancy buildings should now go toward all those roads.

I would like to say that I think it is really great, the job that they did repainting and refinishing out on Pate Rogers Road, the recycling center. It really, really looks nice, and people that did the work really did a wonderful job. It doesn’t look like a dump anymore; it looks like a recycling center.

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