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Sound off for July 28
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I notice that all the wages here in Hinesville and Liberty County, the hourly rates are very low in comparison to most cities with the skill sets of the community that we have here. Yes, there are low-skill workers and high-skill workers, but the majority of the people in this county are ex-military and they have a high skill rate. I think Hinesville needs to adjust the pay scale. I’m not talking about certain jobs that don’t require a great amount of skill, but if you’re going to be a public-service worker or anything else, your pay should be a minimum of $16 an hour.

I can’t believe it — illegal immigrants are being shipped to Lackland Air Force Base. We Americans can’t even get on Fort Stewart without an ID. What is wrong with this country? We need to protect everything.

Why didn’t Sound off put in the last thing, where it says “Praise the Lord,” why didn’t you put “Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition”? Do you not know the history? Please let the people know the history of the phrase, “Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition.” This was in reference to the preacher  saying about how bad things were saying, and my husband said, “Well, we’ll just get some guns and say, ‘Praise the lord and pass the ammunition.’”

Parents, please remember to go to the Liberty County website for the school system to fill out your free- and reduced-lunch forms online. It will be much easier for you there.

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