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Sound off for July 8

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Why are potholes in the road for over a year at the end of Bradwell Street and Bradwell Street Extension? You need a jeep to drive over these. Don’t we pay enough taxes on these streets to expect better road repairs?

I don’t know why more people are distancing themselves from the Lord. God is trying to tell everyone to turn back to him, but it seems not many are listening.  He allows tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, floods with landslides and fires. Why won’t people rise up and stand up (for) our Lord and stop their ugly talk and their show of the bodies? It just don’t make sense. If you’re one of these, I hope God will speak to your heart.

Now that we’ve established relations with Cuba, does that mean that all the Cubans can leave and go back home?

Like so many other things going in Hinesville, rezoning for certain people is easy. It’s who they are, and no wonder other businesses can’t come into Hinesville. They have such strict rules for them.
Well, once again, it’s Fourth of July, and our city officials and county commissioners find it unappropriate to shoot fireworks in Hinesville. They continue to send their citizens to St. Simons, Jekyll Island, Tybee Island and other places so they don’t have to put up with getting in the front gates of Fort Stewart. Shame on y’all. When is Hinesville going to step up and have their own Fourth of July celebration on the Fourth of July, not the third?

I pray that we’re not going to start discriminating on who can and cannot use the public parks here in the city.

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