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Sound off for July 9
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The June 19 Sound off about the Iraqi situation was on point. Let’s add this. The former VP and former secretary of defense raised so much noise about those weapons of mass destruction that caused their secretary of state to make a point to Congress and the UN Security Council in which he later resigned due to inaccurate information. The former VP continues to open his mouth and insert foot. He created this mess.

It’s about time that President Obama realized that Congress isn’t going to work with him, and I’m glad that he’s begun to realize that he can use his power, and he’s done a lot of stuff without anyone helping him. He can be congratulated for that. You got 13 million people that have health care, the job market is improving, and the economy is improving with no help from Congress. Congratulations to the president.

This is to thank the staff of our local Lowe’s hardware store. I lost my credit card in the store and came back the next day and found that some members of the staff had found it and kept it safe for me to come back. Thank you, Lowe’s, doing a great job.

Tractor Supply, coming soon — thank you, thank you, thank you.

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