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Sound off for June 10
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I am a Christian, but I am disabled. I would like to see churches have more seating for disabled people. If you have, for example, four disabled parking spaces, I would like to see perhaps four chairs in church to accommodate the disabled. I have not been able to attend church since January because the pews are so hard to sit on.

I have been seeing that District 2 Donald Lovette’s seat is up for grabs. I was told that Councilman Charles Frasier’s son is looking to run. We need someone to run in the county that’s going to do for everybody, and not have race on their agenda. Councilman Frasier keeps race going. He’s the only councilman on the city council that keeps bringing up race. Let’s wake up, people, and do not put another Frasier in there.

I just finished reading the article about Col. Milton about reducing the size of the Army’s force. At this time, with the unemployment rate among veterans as high as it is, for them to decide to put that many veterans out on the street again now seems obnoxious. And his statement of “We’re going to thank them for their service, give them a pat on the back and send them out the door” was outrageous as far as I’m concerned.

The fish picture Tight Line put in (a recent) Sunday paper was really a nice picture, but he needs to check the size limits on red fish in Georgia. I believe the creel limit is 5 and the slot limit is 23-27 inches, and you can’t keep any big red fish. Just a note to the wise, that might be a good idea for him to check the limits.

Editors note: The fish was caught in Louisiana and not subject to Georgia Laws.

If Adam would have married a man, they only would have two men in the world. What a small world that would be, with only two men not able to produce children.

Well, I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: There are only three things guaranteed in this lifetime: Taxes, death and the Comcast rates going up. Check your bills again, folks. Your rates are going up again.

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