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Sound off for June 15

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For years, many young couples paid through the PeachCare for insurance for the kids. Yes, they had to pay a little bit, but thank God they did because they got help with insurance. Now the Obamacare is taking everybody off PeachCare, and they want everybody to be on Medicaid, and nobody will be paying their part. This is crying shame, because it helped everybody, but everybody was paying their little share for the insurance. Shame, shame on this whole program.

Beware of local fast-food businesses that are still charging 7 percent sales tax. When I confronted the business, they said, well, corporate programs their registers, so they’ve been charging 7 percent since April 1, when it changed to 6 percent. So double-check your receipts. They gave me my money back because I confronted them.
What a disappointment not to see our flag raised on all the channels on TV. On Fox and the local channels in Savannah, none of them had the raising of our flag at noon. This was a big disappointment. Thank you for not honoring our flag and the men that fought for our freedom.
I would like thank Mike Riddle for the article he wrote in the paper on Wednesday, May 27, concerning the Duggar family. I agree with you wholeheartedly about their Christianity.
On the dolls that was given to the police department to give when children’s in an accident, if they don’t have faces on them, the children might not accept them. My grandchild, I bought one of them and brought it from Pennsylvania, the Amish people, and she wouldn’t have nothing to do with that doll that didn’t have a face that was painted on. You might have to just paint some faces on those dolls before you give it to the police department.

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