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Sound off for June 17

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Self-righteous? Self-righteous? Mr. Riddle doesn’t know the meaning of the term.

Your Coastal Courier commentator, he needs to get a clue about who’s a hypocrite. These people who are talking smack about the Duggars are doing it just for that reason. They’re not the ones running around, telling everyone how to live their lives or trying to force them to practice their odious religion. So look at yourselves to find the real hypocrites.

I ask those that litter to please stop littering the city of Hinesville. Thank you very much.

All high-school coaches are paid extra money to coach, not the students. In order to have a winning ball team, all players must be treated as a team. No one should be allowed to bully or boss others around or just sit around while others are practicing. They need to practice as a team, the whole team. Otherwise, you do not have a team, you have single ball players. The school and the parents want to win.

I am totally confused. I just heard that the Board of Education has spent over $27,000 for a turtle house at Bradwell Institute. But yet, and still they’re having to lay off teachers and cut funding for the teachers. I’m just wondering if this board thinks turtles are more important than teachers.

Attention medical-office personnel, this is still the South with a capital S. Unless you are over 80, you do not address your patients — with your in parentheses — by their first names unless you are personal friends or they are minors. I don’t know where this trend began, but it is definitely not in good taste or good manners. Would your doctor like being called “mister” or by his first name? I think not.

Our movie theater must be better. Fifty people waiting on line, and one person behind the counter. Come on, hire more people.

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