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Sound off for June 2
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These opinions are not the Courier’s. Callers are not required to identify themselves, so we can neither verify sources nor their motives. Call 876-3733 to leave a message.

 I am a citizen of Midway, and I would like to know why do we need a police department when they can’t even patrol the banks. Since I’ve lived in Midway, the banks have been robbed four or five times. Why do we need a police department?

 I read on the obituaries about a sergeant in Alabama who passed away. I believe he has no ties to people in Hinesville. Why do we have these obituaries in the Hinesville paper?
Hatred is going to make God spank the United States very badly, because by now we should know better. We should know the laws that God has given us, and He gave his only begotten son, and He said He was going to come down and die for us because God was going to destroy us.
To the person who spoke about the Armstrong Atlantic State University not working: Pay attention. The Liberty Center has more than 300 students and has been functioning well already.

I agree with the caller on two council members in Midway need to give up their jobs and not get paid.  They’re not doing anything for the citizens of Midway — I’m a citizen of Midway, and they’re not doing anything for us. All they’re doing is taking our money and not doing anything for us. The road I live on, they half-patch it. It’s bad, and it’s a new subdivision.

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