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Sound off for June 2

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I wish that city council and the city manager would realize that Timber Ridge has deteriorated and even realtors are avoiding this area. Come take a look at it and look at the deterioration with disregard of city ordinances and dogs and trash. We need help because we can’t even sell our house at cost. It’s criminal. This is city government in action? Help us.

Why couldn’t Lewis Frasier reprint the awards programs? If you know they’re wrong, reprint them so students can have them the right way.

Who in the world keeps on getting mad about black history and black mayors? It’s a known fact that blacks are left out in history. What is so wrong about wanting to let the black youth know what their ancestors have contributed to the community? This person with all of this hate in their heart needs to take a step back, because this is a new day and there is nothing you can do about it.

Congrats to Midway Middle School for winning the national recycling contest. This is a great honor. Hopefully, this will motivate more people to recycle. Liberty County desperately needs curbside recycling.
Midway Middle wins $25,000? I hope other schools will jump on and teach their kids about recycling. Good job, Midway!
I want to know why the newspaper quit printing the TV guide section in the paper. A lot of our senior citizens rely on that for using the TV. It’s a shame we don’t have that anymore, and I’d like to know why.
I’m a retired sergeant. I’ve been trying to get my records from the military hospital in order to transfer them to the new VA hospital, but can’t because their computers have been down for two weeks.

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