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Sound off for June 27
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The sad thing about Obama being president is that it doesn’t matter the color of his skin or anything else. It just matters that he’s just doing whatever he wants to do.

I do not think that they should have to have an appointment to go in the room and watch a teacher interact with their children to find out what’s wrong. We, the taxpayers, are paying their salary. If they can’t handle parents coming in unannounced, then why? What’s going on in their classroom?

We would appreciate it if we didn’t have to deliver our mail to other people and have them bring our mail to us.

Thanks so much, Coastal Courier, for the picture “On-time papa.” The picture and the little girl is just beautiful in that picture — for the family, what a beautiful Father’s Day that must have been!

Has anyone else noticed that hideously ugly neon yellow and purple building on Highway 84 across from the Midway post office? I plan to drive by at night just to see if it glows in the dark. Really, really tacky.

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