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Sound off for June 29

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I awoke from my sleep and in my spirit, I had to read Habakkuk. It is time for the church leaders to come together from all denominations, together in constant prayer. There is much division and upheaval. It is time to pray for our nation and our children. It is time to repent for our many sins and ask our God to forgive us our trespasses and to heal us and to deliver us.

On and on it goes — children drowning in ponds in our local community. Whose children will be next? Thank you, and think about it.

This is for the guy who shot and killed the rooster in the head on Horse Creek Road. The question is: Why? I’m sure they didn’t do anything to you. They didn’t deserve what you did to them. Shame on you. Remember karma — what goes around comes around.

I have a special, extra-nice lady that talks to the kids on the mobile-stop lunch program for kids at the Grace Christian Church in Midway. She is Brenda H. … and the lunches are fantastic. Thank you, Brenda, for the lunches for our kids. Thank you for taking time to talk to our kids and being such a nice lady. Thank you. Thank you, everyone, for these lunch programs for our children.

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