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Sound off for June 3
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Hinesville being recognized as a tree-protection city is a joke. The Osteens alone have cut down 183 oak trees that were 200 to 300 years old. That doesn’t even count other developers. Money, money, money.

I appreciate what Charlene Godley is the doing with the recreation board on trying to get the Fleming community a recreation area for our children. I hope that the county commissioners hear her voice.

This is to the Hinesville police officer, on the evening of May 18, who ran a red light in front of the Dollar Store right across from (the former) The Coastal Bank. Next time, sir, I may end up hitting you. Please stay off the cellphone. If it was any regular citizen, … you’d have definitely given them a ticket. Next time, you might get T-boned; please watch it. Also, next time, I’m going get your car number and put you on Blast.

The Whitetail Circle neighborhood-watch program likes to thank Nancy Aspinwall, the Hinesville Fire Department and Councilman Shaw for giving great information to our organization. Job well-done.

Shouldn’t there be a law that these rental companies that have these empty houses in subdivisions should be responsible for cutting the grass at least every two weeks?

Well, I can say Liberty County Development Authority and our Liberty County commissioners still do not get it that we do not want them wasting SPLOST money on a runway on Fort Stewart that so many of us don’t need.

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