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Sound off for June 6
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To the person who said we need to pray for the president about the same sex marriage: You are correct; we need to pray for him all the time. And God needs to help him and all of us. Why do you pick out one point to criticize the president about being a Christian when there are 10 others that are worse.

The city needs to reimburse every motorist who has ever been ticketed at the intersection of Frank Cochran and South Main Street because of a lane violation. It’s the city’s fault, not the motorists. Too much traffic at that intersection.

It must be nice to work for the clerk of courts and hit people and only get slapped on the wrist. Just remember: Karma’s around the corner.

Wow, instead of the good ol’ boys system, we also have the good ol’ girls system.

I don’t understand how the Liberty County boys basketball team, the players are not recognized at the end of the season. There was no banquet; even one of the players, I understand, made the all-star team and was never advised and couldn’t play.

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