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Sound off for March 14
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The city of Hinesville needs to check the Wildwood subdivision, also, when they’re checking the area around Kelly Drive. This subdivision has become a nuisance with all the car auto-body repair shops and people’s car ports all cluttered up with trash and automotive requirements to fix vehicles. Maybe if these people are military and living there because of housing requirements, maybe they should move back on post, because they wouldn’t be allowed to leave their yards like they are here.
I was reading in the paper about the teachers and the superintendent wanting to dismiss those teachers there. Thank you to Mrs. Becky Carter, Verdell Jones and Carolyn Smith-Carter for doing the right thing and recommending not for the termination there. Mrs. Lily Baker, Carol Guyett and Mrs. Marcia Anderson, you all are very wrong for what you are trying to do against somebody who worked hard for their certificate.
To the public and to the senior citizens: Be careful what you hear, there’s a scam going around. Someone from OMI is letting people know that the city will be charging if they don’t clean up the cemetery. To the guy that works at OMI, the city doesn’t have anything to do with cemetery cleanup.
I have the answer for all the ministers out there who’s trying to rip people off for money. When I go to the church, I have one of the greatest best-kept secrets. Basically, I take a whole roll of pennies that I get from the bank, and then when they get ready to ask for money, I put it in the offering plate. That way, they have enough to pay their taxes and also that they also don’t get super-rich.

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