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Sound Off for March 16

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Liberty Elementary School,
I would like to know, why does my child come home each day and tell me they had no recess? Don’t you guys have a policy about children going out for recess? I don’t think it’s fair that all children get punished if some kids are talking. I think someone needs to check on this.

I’d like to know why Coastal Courier on their blog site cannot keep the times and postings up in the order and everything so that people can read them and understand them and what day and time they posted them. If you could please give me feedback on this, I’d truly appreciate it.

I’d like to know why y’all removed the Sudoku puzzle from Wednesday’s paper. That’s the main reason I take the paper. I won’t be re-subscribing unless it’s put back in.

The definition being used for non-essential staff at Liberty County schools is for nurses, parapros, counselors, school psychologists and even some teachers. The essential staff are the CEOs, executive directors, the directors and the superintendents. We need to wake up, Liberty County.

Liberty County existed prior to Revolutionary times way long before Fort Stewart was even established. It would please me to no end to see a substantial drawdown in Fort Stewart personnel. It would be great for Hinesville

Whatever you do, whenever it comes up for vote, do not vote for SPLOST, particularly if you own property. You will continue to pay and pay and pay. SPLOST is a tax; it does not help anyone.

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