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Sound Off for March 18

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Liberty County schools’ boast of technology in their classrooms is a lie. They are throwing away or disposing of more than 300 projectors and smartboards after they refused to let the special-needs school use any of the equipment. That is evidence of not caring about special students.

In reference to Joe Gillam’s letter to the editor in March 11’s paper, Allan Brown became mayor in 1992, and that was the year that the EEOC complaints on racial discrimination were resolved. The problem that led to those complaints was poor city management, just as it is today. So then, as now, we really need a new city manager.

I’ve been hearing on TV about our ex-secretary of state getting all this money from these foreign countries. I’d just like to know if the government is doing anything to find out what she offered them if she ever becomes president.

We had a man whose life has been changed forever because people were afraid to come forward and tell them what really happened when the policeman shot the person. We have councilmen wanting to be mayor of this city who went out and protested over this same thing, not wanting to wait for the results. We don’t need people like that to be our mayor; we need people for all the people.

I will never understand it. I am a teacher and a parent. I teach in public school and my kids go to public school, but I know several teachers that teach in public schools — for instance, Frank Long — and their kids go to private schools. Hmmm. I don’t know what to say about that. Makes you wonder. Are they giving your kids their best?

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