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Sound Off for March 2

These opinions are not the Courier’s. Callers are not required to identify themselves, so we can neither verify sources nor their motives. Call 876-3733 to leave a message.

The superintendent recently told Liberty County board of education employees that there is an $8 million shortfall in their budget for 2015. She also stated that spending habits haven’t changed, even though they’ve been bringing in the same revenue for the last five years. Come on, Hinesville, wake up. Come on, Board of Education, how could you let this happen to our prestigious community?

I am a very concerned parent of a pre-K student. I do not agree with the proposed cuts. Why don’t we look at the new positions that were created in the board office instead of cutting teachers who work face to face with our students on a daily basis?

Midway residents: I told you that your water bills were going up. Remember that you keep electing the same people while you drink your next glass of smelly water.

To the person complaining about places to eat in Hinesville: I strongly suggest they do an Internet search for restaurants in Hinesville area, or go to the Yellow Pages in the phone book. They’ll be amazed at what they find.

I would like to applaud Minister Gloria Brown for her letter to the editor. She may not be a Martin Luther King, but she is not sitting idly by while the officials of our county gouge the citizens with higher taxes. We need to loop arms with Minister Brown and vote these people out.

With all the pay cuts being proposed by our superintendent, is she going to lead by example and be the first in line for a pay cut? Just wondering.

There are over 17 restaurants in town besides the ones named by the Hinesville resident, so someone needs to let her know where they’re at.

Why should I get my child ready to go to church just to go in a room and play? We need Sunday-school teachers to teach Bible lessons to the real young kids.

The people on city council cannot balance a budget, they want more SPLOST because they can’t balance a budget. Now one of them wants to run for mayor. No. We don’t need someone who opens voting on Sunday just to get what they want voted in. This is wrong.

I just heard on TV that whatever God you believe in, we all come from the same one. Isn’t that the truth?

I think people on food stamps should be drug tested.

What’s the big deal with the pastor with the tattoos? I believe God is more concerned about what we wear in our hearts, the inward man than the outward man.

The Liberty County tax assessor needs to do a better job if there are people who haven’t paid their property taxes in over 10 years.

It is really sad, many people did not vote for Obama because he was black. Now he’s more concerned about people who are not even American citizens, giving them jobs over white kids in other cities in America. This is really a sad day in America.

Internal Revenue Service is planning to allow retroactive earned income credits to undocumented/illegal aliens. Wonder what that will do to the deficit?

To the caller who said they are sick and tired of preachers saying Jesus was born in a dirty manger, actually, he was born in Bethlehem, he was wrapped in swaddling clothes and laid in a manger. Refer to Luke chapter 2, 1-20.

I guess Sound Off is selective about what they print in the paper. None of my comments have been printed, and they were not inappropriate.

Why take monitors off the school buses? They need them. How would you like to drive with all those students behind you out of control? You will lose even more drivers. Big turnover this year. Just watch, you will see.

My church tells me it is gambling to buy a lottery ticket. What about going to church to play bingo for a prize? Gambling is gambling. I just don’t want to be naïve about it.

You keep taxing and spending the taxpayers of Liberty County, pretty soon they’re going to sit down and say enough’s enough.

How is it that people who work in restaurants can walk around all day and all night in their clothes and still come back to work the next day?

Mr. Sampie Smith did not agree a lot on what the new superintendent and Lily Baker are trying to do. People of Liberty County, wake up. Come to the meetings. We are paying a lot of taxes for the board of education. Now we are in the red. Come to the meetings and have a voice.

It seems to me that someone at Winn Army Hospital is hating. Just do your job. Don’t worry about others.

Hat’s off to the Bradwell soccer coaching staff for putting academics ahead of the sport. Well done, coaches.

How can the city council approve something the planning commission disapproves? I thought they were the experts? It appears everybody wants to put their business in somebody else’s neighborhood.

I would like to see the school board come up with a better way to check students’ averages.

To the caller about the church doors always supposed to be open: not in this time we’re living in now. There wouldn’t be a computer or office supply left if we kept the doors open. Remember, there are thieves among us.

Thank you for the presidential puzzle. We all should study this and then we’d know more about our history. I enjoyed it, thank you.

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