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Sound off for March 21
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Liberty County has a new scam going around, where the scammer calls you by phone and tells you your server Microsoft has lost its license and you need to go online and buy them as a server using your credit cards. I haven’t seen this one in your paper yet.

I would just like to say that there’s some people that think you don’t have nothing to do but sit beside the telephone all day and answer their calls five and six times a day. They learn some manners, that there’s people that do have to work and people who are sick and can’t get up and answer the calls. And if they had any respect, they wouldn’t be calling five and six times a day.

Remember this, when Florida loses the buzzer-beater in the NCAA tournament to a relative unknown, that it’s great to be a Gator hater.
Have you noticed that all the meetings where there’s watch services for the neighborhood, whether it’s ball game, practice or whatever, is always on church Wednesdays or on Sunday afternoons when church services are? Why do they schedule on the times that church is? Is it something Satan is in control of?

I’ve been reading in the paper this morning what Mrs. Lily Baker said, and I quote, that she wants to be a good steward of taxpayer dollars. I hope she means what she’s saying. So Mrs. Baker, to you, I hope you won’t be going on these long trips to Texas and California and New York, when you can go right here to Savannah and Atlanta close by. So I hope you would be one of the main persons that would be a good steward of people’s tax dollars. I’m so sorry no one ran against you.

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