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Sound off for March 25

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Mr. Calderone and Terry Doyle, both of you ran for office in Midway, and both of you lost because the citizens didn’t want what you had to offer. So please, quit taking up valuable space in the newspaper with your whining.

Only the brain trust in Hinesville would agree to spend $4.7 million to build a library across the street from an abandoned trailer park and house it between an old Army barracks and a soup kitchen.

Thank you very much to the person who put the pamphlets by Norman Vincent Peale in my doctor’s office. They helped me very much. I took four of them. Thank you again, and God bless.

In (a recent) Coastal Courier, I see that the Reading Bowl people have Bradwell jackets. I would like to know why the softball girls are the only team that did not get any jackets this year from Bradwell. Isn’t this discrimination?

Yes, I think that the mayor and city council in Riceboro should be replaced. You’ve got two council members, one is for the fire department, the other one is for Ricefest, which is once a year, and you’ve got the two other ones that don’t do nothing. I think it’s time for some new people to be on board.

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