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Sound off for March 28
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Barbara Martin’s comments about the Ombudsman program were inaccurate. The first Ombudsman program was not in Liberty County. Jesup had this program, and after a former superintendent from Jesup was hired to work in Liberty, the program was begun here. A former employee from Liberty County was fired when she accused the former Jesup superintendent of working for Ombudsman and Liberty County at the same time. A definite investigation needs to happen in Liberty County.

I was at KFC on 84 last Friday, and there was a young man in there who was very, very loud. And it took a minute before anyone could come take my order because they were trying to calm him down in the back. I was wondering, where was the manager? There was no one there trying to stop him. Somebody needs to look into that.

By me asking the question about the specific time headlights should come on, I was referring to why it’s not enforced. I bet if you would have read the question or the comments, you would have understood.

If Wednesday’s accidental shooting tells you anything, it’s that loaded guns don’t belong in a house with toddlers.

Why so many scams lately? They’ll try anything — jury duty, past-due citations, work-at-home schemes. These scumbags need to stop trying to take advantage of people and work for a living.

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