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Sound off for March 29

These opinions are not the Courier’s. Callers are not required to identify themselves, so we can verify neither sources nor motives. Call 876-3733. You may also anonymously submit a comment online at

If you asked me (I’m sure you would if you knew how smart I am) the Georgia General Assembly has been dealing with non-issues and subterfuge because our lawmakers don’t have any idea what is really important.

When we first came to Hinesville there used to be lots of bars, restaurants where you could dance and have a couple drinks. Those are all gone now and what happened to Mr. Hill is one reason we don’t go out there anymore. We go out of town so we can have a couple drinks and not have to worry whether the police are going sit outside a restaurant and stop you after having a couple drinks.

I agree that our board of education and Dr. Lee should be investigated, especially the agreement over her resignation. Why in the world would we pay her to leave?
Today I ordered a pizza from Domino’s. The driver, Tiffany, was very professional. Domino’s is very lucky to have a good nice lady like that.

I would like to thank the person who found and turned in my debit card on Feb. 27. You are a blessed person.

OK, to the caller who said the superintendent is gone and the bank president is next, what bank president are you talking about in this town?

Is there any way we can, as a community, get a lot of these Northern Yankee snow birds who come down here to live with us who also think they know more than we do, shouldn’t we have a statute of limitation about how long they can live down South before they return to their horror of snow?

I don’t believe the board of education should decide whether to give the outgoing superintendent a year’s salary for leaving. The lawyers who worked for her also shouldn’t make that decision. Outside people should make that decision.

I’m just trying to understand, how come I ordered fried oysters from a reputable restaurant, but when I got them they were raw. Who is supervising around here?

If God is love. And if two men genuinely love each other, is God present?

There is yet another dollar, or a variant there of, store going up near the intersection of 196 and Airport Road. At what point will the planning commission decide there are sufficient of this type of store in the area? They seem to be on every corner.

I take a nap in the afternoon for pain relief, and I take my phone off the hook. It seems that these nasty, pesky phone calls have been cut in half. Try it. Maybe it will work for you.

I think the UConn NCAA women’s basketball team, maybe for that matter the top 5 women’s teams, could beat Georgia Southern and the University of Georgia men’s teams. That’s how good they are.

Thank God for Wilma Gaskin. She is an angel. She’s a great landlord. From all her tenants, we love her.

The telephone companies should all be investigated. Why are they charging taxes, surcharges, sales tax, universal access and then turn around and charge you the same thing on another thing on the same bill. How can they double tax you?

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