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Sound off for March 6

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How can we answer the school climate survey when you lump our assistant principals and principals together? Our assistant does everything possible to set a great school climate while the principal does little or nothing to provide a great school climate. If you really want to know about school climate, separate out the administrators so you know who is contributing and who is harming.

It is interesting how Marcus Scott loves to question everyone else’s character that is involved with the Central Office and on the BoE. Has anyone actually looked into his background and taken note of the many questionable and unethical decisions he has made? He claims to be working to shed light on the craziness at the BoE, but his mouth and foolishness on Social Media just continue to make Liberty County a laughing stock.

Marcus Scott, what a terrible school board member! Please stay away from running again. You cause nothing but problems. Thank you Dr. Lee for all you do.

I guess it is true, you don’t miss your water until your well runs dry. I might give you a cup of water, but that’s not enough to get you hydrated and out of your drought. Sorry, you had the perfect ocean, but you chose to drink from a polluted pond.

Accessible health care does not mean affordable.

The only false news is coming from Donald Trump.

I wish that the gentleman from Midway would fact check his letters to the editor before submitting them to the paper. Most of his facts are false news.

I understand that Dr Lee thinks there are only a few very vocal unhappy teachers, and that the rest of the staff members like her and her policies. She could not be more wrong. There may be a few that actually like and support her, but most would leave the system if given a chance. Just look at how many good people have already quit. If you want to keep good teachers, get rid of the bad superintendent.

So the superintendent really did not see a problem with giving the school system’s banking business to her husbands employer? That screams conflict of interest, but she and six BOE members could not see that. Pathetic!

Our school system board and superintendent are an embarrassment to our community. Madam chair, madam vice chair, members of the board and Dr. Lee, for the sake of our kids, please shape up!

Please, someone qualified and dedicated, run for BoE election. The behavior of the members is too unprofessional. If teachers behaved that way in a leadership meeting there would be a call for them to be fired. Shameful!

My daughter is struggling at Liberty County High School with her work. She use to be in the honor roll. The assignments she has are way to hard and some of her teachers don’t want to help. The principal needs to monitor some of the teachers.

Congratulations to the BI Lady Tigers soccer team. They have outscored their opponents 34 to 3 in 7 games, and I’ve lost count of how many saves the goalkeeper has made. Is the Sound off the only way their accomplishments will be covered?

Hopefully the next principal at Bradwell will do what’s best for our children and go back to block schedules. Maybe they’ll also listen to the concerns of parents, students, and teachers before making such a huge decision in the future. I do not appreciate my child being used as a guinea pig.

I guess the Liberty County Chamber wants all the money so they can buy more alcohol and get more drunk at their Business After Hours and any other event they can drink at. Not complaining, just don’t wanna get a DUI when I leave.

Marcus Scott, please stay strong for those that cannot speak. What is happening in our school system is such a tragedy. If you dare to question Dr. Lee’s policies your career is in jeopardy. I’m one of the fortunate ones that found a place in the Long County School System. Yes, I make less money, but I can focus on teaching and life is so much better.

Stay strong Marcus Scott because no one else on the board is listening or cares about what Dr. Lee is doing to us.

Dear senators and representatives, rein Trump in. We the people will not tolerate the destruction of our republic from him any more than we would tolerate it from anyone else. Attacking freedom of speech is not going to work.

As this school system dissolves further into a quagmire, growing this county in a positive manner suffers. Anyone with any sense who is looking to relocate to Liberty County checks out the local newspaper and what do they see? Story after story, comment after comment, all about the sniping, back-stabbing, favoritism, and racism that is rampant on every level of this school system.

I was just wondering if I get fired from my teaching position maybe I should get a year’s salary too just like Dr. Lee! Seems fair to me!

Remind me, please, which school board member was it who voted against hiring Dr. Lee three years ago?

Please, please anybody in District 5 run against Marcus Scott Liberty County board member. He has to go. Let Him focus on his Scott All*Star basketball team.

Dr. Lee, Thank you for everything you did for are school system. You will be miss. Marcus Scott, I hope you lose your next election. Your term is up next year in May.

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