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Sound off for May 12
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These opinions are not the Courier’s. Callers are not required to identify themselves, so we can neither verify sources nor their motives. Call 876-3733.

(Recently) in Liberty County, they had the Special Olympics. I took my son, who is special needs, and we had never received any letter saying he could not attend. But when I took him, we were told he needed a health report. No one contacted me or anyone in the school that he attends under Long County and told me they needed a health report. None of the kids at Coastal got to attend the Special Olympics, and they’re who the Special Olympics are for, so something needs to be looked into.

This call is in reference to the person who called in about not a single member from the Liberty County Board of Education attended Mr. Ralph Etheridge’s visitation. That’s not true; Mrs. Carol Guyett was in attendance. I know that for a fact because I spent some time talking with her.

To the recent caller, why are you complaining about giving your phone number? If your check is good, what’s the problem? Apparently, your check is going to bounce.
Commissioner Stevens’ retirement party was like being in the White House for a party. It was gorgeous and the company, very pleasing.
Lord, have mercy on our racially divided hearts. We have more issues to complain about.
The picture on (the May 2) front page of the paper looks like someone needs to purchase an iron to get the wrinkles out of the tablecloth.
Heard the Liberty County School System is switching up the academic coaches. Yippee, so excited!
There is also an Asian-Pacific American, a Native American and Jewish-American month to highlight many forgotten and unappreciated races who have had an impact on America that has been ignored. This is for the caller asking where’s the white-history month. Get some education and read history.
It’s nice to see that the Midway Fire Department can rescue a cat out of a tree. How about they try responding to some of these medical calls, where people are actually sick and injured and they don’t respond? How about they try answering those calls instead of just cats in trees?
Someone needs to tell all the walking dead in the world today to disconnect from the smartphones and, maybe, they could use their brains again.

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